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Footage of an ‘UFO attack’ in Turkey sent social media users into a mad frenzy on Sunday night, as thousands of local residents captured a cluster of UFOs in the night sky. Immediately after there was a social media blackout with sites such as Twitter ‘blocking’ the trending stories, making many believe that some kind of important ET event… You may remember the picture shown above from the post titled, NASA’s Curiosity Rover Beams Back Photos of Possible Astronaut Found on Mars. There’s no question, it certainly has the appearance of an astronaut in full space gear working on some type of structure on the planet, but is it really an astronaut seen in the pictures that came back… The Paco, is native fish to south America, which has been spotted spotted in waters near lake Michigan in recent years. As you’ll learn from the video below, the Paco has big teeth, but despite it’s rather menacing looks, it’s generally not considered to be “that” dangerous. Generally Pacos are considered to be rather harmless, even though they are considered… Thanks to a recent revision of the famous 1961 Drake Equation, which actually estimates the number of intelligent civilizations in the universe, It's becoming very clear that we humans may not be not the universe’s first advanced civilization. Their new equation includes recent data from Nasa’s Kepler satellite on the number of exoplanets that could harbor life. Earlier this year, The Kepler Telescope… Ancient abandoned locations usually feature a troubling tale to explain why they became deserted, but in modern times such sites are often shrouded in mystery. YouTube user Dark5 has put together a showcase of five places around the world and the puzzling circumstances by which they were forsaken. Perhaps the most puzzling site featured in the list is a massive skyscraper in North… What would you say if I told you that over 1,100 people have “vanished” from this country’s national parks and forests in the past 100 years. Furthermore, what if I told you a large percentage of those people who “vanished” are innocent young children, many younger than the age of 10? That would seem strange right? Then, what if I… In case you haven’t watched any Jurassic Park movie, in the next five to ten years you could see a live adaptation, better than computer generated imagery. That is how long a group of scientists think it will take to recreate living, breathing dinosaurs. Although what is dead should stay dead, especially in the case of a species of super… Of all the articles or posts I’ve done on space or the potential alien life, two of the most interesting were also some of the most recent. Those two are: 1) Chinese Lunar Rover Finds No Evidence of Apollo Moon Landings (Videos) 2) China Reveals a Massive Alien Outpost and Mining Facility Is Operating on the Moon (Video) For interesting… It’s crazy how long it’s been since I went looking for a good story on Nibiru, but I’ve been tied up working on other things. The reporter from RT asks a scientist when we might begin to get final confirmation about some of the objects believed to be beyong Pluto, and the person she asked made it sound like we… Over the years, there have been a ton of articles on the Internet dealing with the mysteries and anomalies that involve the Antarctic. Many of them have been debunked, or at least the person writing claims to have debunked various stories, I too have personally written about the mysterious activity alleged to be taking place on the frozen continent, but…

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